About A-R Editions’ Online Music Anthology

A-R Editions’ Online Music Anthology is an extensive collection of music and articles designed expressly for music history and theory courses. A-R's Online Music Anthology contains many more pieces of music than print anthologies, all newly engraved and available online by subscription. (A-R offers complimentary access to instructors, pending approval of their requests.) Instructors can use the contents of the Online Music Anthology in a variety of courses, and customize the content in as many course packs as they need. With the multi-author online textbook and pre-set course packs, the A-R Online Music Anthology is a powerful tool for the twenty-first century.

Main Features

The main features of A-R Editions’ Online Music Anthology make it the music history and theory resource of choice:

  • More than 600 pieces of music (over 7000 pages) from antiquity through the romantic era;
  • Most works are presented in their entirety rather than in excerpt, and all are newly edited and typeset;
  • New online textbook with survey articles on the standard style periods;
  • Easy adopt by using our pre-set course packs or by building custom course packs;
  • Priced affordably with two ways to obtain the Anthology
    • Student subscriptions $60 each for six months use, OR
    • Site licenses $2500 per year;

    Site License

    Site licenses are the most efffective way for libraries and other digital humanities centers to serve their communities with this dynamic, new product. Access is by IP address, and customized for each licensee. Please contact James L. Zychowicz (james.zychowicz@areditions.com) for further information on setting up a site license. Trials are available upon request, and current pricing is $2500 per year (price subject to change).

    Consistent Presentation

    All the music is newly engraved:

  • The Online Music Anthology uses modern engraving practice, including conventional clefs, barring, slurs, and ties;
  • The page size, print area, and music size are consistent and fit on an 8-1/2 x 11 inch page;
  • The contents are optimized to display effectively on the users' platforms and browsers.

    Online Accessibility

    Conceived for online use, A-R Editions’ Online Music Anthology goes beyond print anthologies by making its entire contents immediately available to view or print. All music can be easily previewed onscreen on Macs, PCs, and I-devices, with subscribers having the ability to view and print the entire content of each piece. (The optimal browsers are MSIE and Safari.) As a digital product, a subscription to the A-R Editions’ Online Music Anthology is affordable, especially in light of the amount of music available and the ease of access to much more content than possible in print anthologies.

    Ease and Flexibility

    It is easy to search the entire contents of the Online Music Anthology, with the music fully indexed by composer, title, style period, genre, nationality, language, and other parameters. With the A-R Editions’ Online Music Anthology, instructors can build customized ourse packs to suit their students' needs. All users can search the entire contents of the Online Music Anthology to find the music you need for your courses and make those selections easily available to your students. Students have access to the worklists for their courses and can also view and print the entire contents of the Online Music Anthology.

    Praise for the Anthology

    “The A-R Online Music Anthology, with its vast array of music representing essential styles, genres, forms, procedures, and composers, is the music anthology of the future. Students will be able to make use of it for many different courses, and teachers will be able to vary their course content with ease from one semester to another.”—Michael Griffel, The Juilliard School

    “The A-R Online Music Anthology has proven to be a rich and nimble resource of score and textual content for our students and faculty. Scores are clean and precise, consistent with A-R’s famously high editorial standards, and cover a wide swath of styles from ancient to contemporary. A further enhancement is the online textbook, with articles written by acknowledged scholars in clear and illuminating prose. Congratulations on this achievement.”—Kevin McLaughlin, The Cleveland Institute of Music

    Editorial Board

    The Editorial Board for our online textbook includes the following individuals:

      James P. Cassaro, University of Pittsburgh
      Jane Gottlieb, The Juilliard School
      L. Michael Griffel, The Juilliard School
      Emily Laurance, San Francisco Conservatory of Music
      Jonathan Rhodes Lee, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
      Mark McKnight, University of North Texas
      Neil Newton, University of California, Santa Barbara
      James Parson, Missouri State University
      Jennifer Thomas, University of Florida
      Marian Wilson Kimber, University of Iowa
      James L. Zychowicz, Editor-in-Chief
    Our contributing editors include:
      Commentaries: Emily Laurance, Cleveland Institute of Music
      Genres & Forms: James P. Cassaro, University of Pittsburgh
      Music Theory Overview: Neil Newton, University of California, Santa Barbara
      Significant Composers: Jonathan Rhodes Lee, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
      Major Works: James L. Zychowicz, A-R Editions
    We are delighted to work with these talented musicians and scholars on this dynamic and forward-looking part of the A-R Online Music Anthology.

    Thank You

    Thank you for choosing A-R Editions’ Online Music Anthology. We designed the Anthology to be the largest publication of its kind, with easy access to its entire contents online. As you use the Anthology, we welcome you to share your thoughts and comments on this outstanding resource.

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